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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beauty tips courtesy of Olivia

Violent Lips give you amazing designs on your lips – it’s today’s extreme version of an old school lipstick. There’s more than 100 designs you can get. It doesn’t smudge or bleed and can lasts to 8 hours. A three-pack sells for $9.99. It takes just 3 minutes to put these on with three steps. Measure, cut and apply with water – just like a temporary tattoo.

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An affordable way to jazz up your nails by using semi-precious metal nail jewelry. These retail for $20 and are reusable! It lets you create an accent nail – your thumb, pinky, or any nail really – with white, yellow or bronze metal. There’s even one style that has a genuine Swarovski Crystal.

When it comes to putting them on, it’s so versatile… You can bring it to your salon to get them applied, whether you have natural nails, acrylics or gels. If you want to do it at home, just apply a little nail glue or a thin layer of topcoat and set it. It will last for days!

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These are fake lashes inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting. In fact, each style has a symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture. These are Paperself Lashes and they come 20 designs and in two sizes so you can accentuate the corners of your eyes with the smaller lashes for a subtle daytime look or make a statement with the full lashes for special occasions.

They’re $18 for a set. They look difficult, but these are so easy to apply…you measure and cut the lashes, and then just glue and wait a few seconds for the glue to dry. And you can flatten them if they curl too much. Plus, if you want a really dramatic look, use the leftover lashes and apply them close to your lower lash line at the outer corners.

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