Decoding Body Language with Steve & Jan

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Research has proven that 55% of a person’s communication is nonverbal communication. The way a person moves his hands, his arms, his shoulders, his feet, his eyes all reveal messages that he’s sending to the world.

During an average face to face communication…55% is nonverbal communication, 38% is voice inflection and on 7% comes from the words that he says.

Steve and Jan give their takes on what’s happening in each photo.

Guy Pulling Up his socks

Steve: Ah-Yeah

Jan: Watch out for guys to try to sneak a pull…any sock arranging by a man indicates that he’s rather nervous around the girl and wants to get to know her better.


Guy Stoke chin and Crossed Legs

Steve: Think about his best move

Jan: He’s deciding if he wants to continue with his conversation and how much he’ll reveal about himself. Men and women always cross their leg towards people who interests them. We cross away from people we don’t find attractive and toward someone who we think is attractive.


Removing Lint from clothes

Steve: I like what I got over here and I want it to look its best.

Jan: Removing lint from another person’s clothing is a signal that displays ownership. It’s as though he’s thinking, “I helped her select this jacket…she’s my girl.


Tugs at left ear

Steve: He has cut you off and is not listening

Jan: Anytime someone brings the left hand to either the mouth, side of the nose, left eye or left ear. The constant tugging indicates that this person is lying.

What other non-verbal communication signs do you know?

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