DEM System Diet

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DEM System
by JJ Smith, Certified Weight Loss Expert

What is the DEM System?
DEM stands for detox eat and move. The plan is a three-phase diet for detoxifying your body, getting your hormones in balance and improving your metabolism. People are encouraged to eat clean foods and avoid six foods. The diet only requires you be vegan for the first three weeks. Then you can eat more everyday healthy foods after the three weeks. The biggest difference is in rebalancing hormones and detoxifying the body. That’s how you lose weight.

For the first three weeks, you drink a green drink and take a digestive cleanser.
You have to avoid six foods:

* Caffeine
* Dairy
* Sugar
* White carbs
* Alcohol
* Meats

Wanna see Tara's Progress?

Click here to view Tara's Video Diary!

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