Family Vacations

Friday, November 16, 2012

Travel tips from our Travel Mom, Emily Kauffman

Winter Wonderlands

Ski and snowboard vacations are very popular. They offer great things to do for every member of the family…

  • There are structured kids clubs for the kids that leave the teaching to the ski professionals.
  • For moms and dads there’s skiing, spas and they all offer options that include shopping (with many of them having outlet malls close to the ski areas).
  • Pamper yourself with spa treatments.
  • The best time to go is mid-week because they have better deals and more rooms available, it’s the law of supply and demand. Holiday weekends are much more expensive. One thing to look for is added value packages that offer more along with your accommodations such as equipment, lift tickets, and lessons.


  • They really, truly offer something for everyone. You can be as active or inactive as you choose and there’s activities for every type of personality, any kind of budget.
  • Most ships have specific kids’ sections where they can have a good time without mom and dad around…there are games, contests, swimming and so much more. That leaves a lot open to the grown ups.
  • For dads there’s everything from golf – or at least simulated golf – to rock climbing and casinos.
  • For moms, there are great workout rooms, yoga classes, spas, shopping.
  • The whole family can get together to watch variety shows or take part in famous cruise buffet meals.

  • Theme Parks

  • Generally daytime in the park is for the whole family. Be sure to take advantage of fast past options where you swipe your ticket and return to the attraction at a designated time instead of waiting in line.
  • Make technology your theme park companion where there are specific apps that guide you through the parks with up to the minute wait times for each ride.
  • When traveling with kids, stick to your routine like naps and potty training. At some theme parks they have designated kids potties and rooms for nursing.
  • Many theme parks offer child care services at their affiliated hotels to parents can go out for grown up time.
  • There are special sections of parks made just for adults – that feature high end restaurants, great bars and live music venues.
  • Which vacation would you choose?

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