Online Dating Tips

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bela Ghandi, the Fairy Godmother of shared some tips to improve your online dating profile.

Online dating works and it’s important to stand out because 1 in 5 marriages in 2011 occurred through online dating sites. Your online profile is your Personal Advertisement in Cyberspace. You have to think of your profile as a cereal box. There are 1000’s of cereals to choose from.

Never use your real name
Make sure to create a strong user name that stands out and says something about you. It’s your “product name.”

Use a great photo
You and only you should be in your photos. Have a warm, smiling clear shot of your face for your opening shot. Backup shots should have half body and full body shots. Photos should be current, no more than 1 year old and no need to post more than 8 photos – total!

Dress to impress
Do your hair and makeup nicely but naturally as you would for an important date! Wear feminine clothes that are monochromatic and brightly colored, & show off your curves tastefully with nice necklines but not too much skin!”

Never use a group photo
Not even a cropped photo with someone’s arm around you! Also,never use a photo with pets, nieces, nephews and etc.

Your online profile should be positive, not negative
Writing what you’re NOT looking for makes you sound abrasive. Keep your descriptions short but detailed. Most sites ask for essays and a good rule of thumb is 250-300 words TOTAL.

Do you bend the truth on your online profile?

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