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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Kim Kimble from L.A. Hair and Jennifer Harrison, founder and CEO of “” share ideas on how you can upgrade your hair using extensions.

Anna – Clipins

The 1st is easiest for people to do themselves. The secret to clip ins looking good is to keep them low. Make them hold w/ a little dry shampoo to add grit.
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Heather – Sew in weave

To cover the thinning and some of the bald spots, we did a full sew in weave & give universal coverage. The sew in option actually can protect a person’s hair from the elements and damage due to styling. It also holds up well with an active lifestyle.
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Carol – tape extensions

It’s called the tape extensions and they’re very versatile. They come in really wide pieces that can also be easily cut down to customize the fit for each person. It’s really one of the easiest extensions to apply. Ladies can definitely do this at home by themselves.
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Michelle – fusion bonding

Fusion technique -bond new hair with person’s actual hair and seal the adhesive in with special heat tool. Gives a more of a real hair flow. Important to remove properly – You need to soak & use nutcracker tool.
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Bianca – glue in extensions

Glue in extensions. Line bonding glue along hair weft and add in layer by layer. Make sure hair is shampooed but not conditioned so scalp catches the glue well. Perfect for people like Bianca who want that sexy weekend hair and to change it up for a specific period of time.
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