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Steve is helping women break the cycle of passing on bad advice amongst each other. Below he answers some of the common questions women ask themselves.

Do men prefer aggressive women versus women who play hard to get?
Aggression only works out for a one night stand. Men don’t want you to just hand it out to them. Men are hunters by nature, by being aggressive you take the hunt out of it.

Should women wear extra makeup and eat less on a first date?
The first date is your first impression. You are trying to win a guy at this time, not scare him away. You can’t show us the broken down version too soon. Wait until there is an emotional attachment before revealing some of your beauty secrets.

Should marry couples have separate bank accounts?
An accountant gave me this advice a long time ago… A married couple should have 4 bank accounts. One account for household expenses where each person deposits their paycheck. The account should be used for rent, electricity, groceries, etc. The second account should be a savings account that requires two signatures to move the money. This is the emergency fund and the fund which you can save for life’s big expenses, housing, automobiles and tuitions. The last two accounts are individual accounts, one for him and one for you. You can use whatever is in your account for whatever you want without any complaints or questions by the other person.

When should he say “I Love You”?
It takes men longer to say those three words then it does women. If he is with you on every holiday, then he is crazy about you. If you can’t find him on a holiday he’s not your man. If we see that you can get us to the next level, you would make a great mother, you will represent us well and we can take you to meet our mother… we are in love!

Does good sex mean it will last?
Until a man is emotionally attached t you, sex is all the same. You cannot regulate a relationship on sex. Do not think you can sex your way into a man’s life.

What advice changed your outlook on men and relationships?

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