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Tips and tricks courtesy of Associate Editor of Real Simple Magazine, Stephanie Sisco.

Bedroom Closet
Hang two rods on the hanging side to make multiple levels and avoid wasting space at the bottom. Creating multiple shelves at different heights to have more accessible storage. This allows you to use storage bins to stash unusually shaped items that don’t fold well like bathing suits, purses, under garments, etc.

Slim line hangers
We recommend light colors so there is no risk of the color running. Don’t hang purses by the straps. It can damage them. Either put them in a pull out bin or use the Real Simple purse hanger, available at Bed Bath & Beyond, which hangs from a rod but and has pockets for safe storage.

So many of us don’t have enough lighting in our closets. There are many great stick on, battery operated options, or in this case we used lighting rods from LA Closet Design.
Home Office
Have one file caddy, which you can color code by family member so that everyone (including the kids who have permission slips, etc.) has a designated place to stash important papers that need attention.

Invest in a tuck-away paper shredder. One of the biggest complaints we hear over and over again is that people have way too much paper. This is small, easy to stash out of the way, and if you regularly shred – say once a week – you can easily eliminate a ton of the waste.

You need one centrally located bulletin board to use only for current invitations and emergency or often used contacts. You can also keep your calendar here. It’s best to use one calendar for the entire household and by keeping it in a highly visible spot, everyone can easily stay on the same page.

You also should look into an Electronic caddy to “file” your electronics that often clutter the desk. You can loop cords through the back so they’re neat and out of the way. Cord management. If your desk is in your living space or other highly trafficked area, cords can be an eyesore but there are options that houses a surge protector and keeps everything looking neat and orderly.
Kitchen Pantry
Use a lazy Susan to store condiments and smaller items. Store like items together – i.e.: pasta with tomato sauce and extra olive oil, all beans together and preferably decanted in clear containers so you can see what you have and how much you have left.

Create a snack station on a tray that you store in the pantry with pre packaged (you can do this yourself in zip lock bags) portions of approved, nonperishable snack foods so that kids know exactly where to go. Also great for when you’re packing lunches.

Use one of the highest shelves in the pantry for a party prep station since those aren’t items you’re likely to use every day. We stored wine (and a wine bottle opener because they are always hard to find when you need), nuts, crackers, cookies, party foods, and a variety of tea and coffee beans.

Stock up on non-perishable items you use often (marinara sauce, soup, broth, canned goods, etc.) and store like they do at the supermarket with a whole row of one item with one package visible up front with the label clearly visible.

What are some organizational tricks you use in your home?

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