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Tips on how to handle Temper Tantrums courtesy of America’s Super Nanny Deborah Tillman

Temper tantrums are something every child has…and many of…it’s also not uncommon to have them at different ages and through adolescence. We should stop teaching our children never to be angry, but rather teach them how to be angry and how to behave and communicate effectively

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Tips for 2-year-old tantrums
1. Create Positive House Rules children will expect and understand. They should be written in a positive way avoiding the words no and don’t placed at the child’s level and have visual cues so that younger children can recognize and understand them.

2. Put Immediate Consequences in Place to clearly define what’s acceptable.

3. Don’t Give into the Tantrum and reward your child’s bad behavior by giving in because this is the behavior that will be learned.

4. Remain Calm so the tantrum is not escalated by your reaction

Tips for 5-year-old tantrums
1. Respond Don’t React ! Don’t give them the negative attention they want and don’t fight anger with anger.

2. Cling to Consistency – Don’t Negotiate – basically follow the same warning and consequence procedure each time so the child knows what to expect.

3. Correct Negative Behavior with Consequences . This can be a “lose what you like” or “calm down corner” depending on the child.

4. Eliminate Guilt – feeling bad is an excuse. Your job as a parent is to teach and train. If you love your child you will correct them.

Tips for teenage tantrums
1. Set Boundaries & Implement punishment for your tween or teen.

2. Talk Openly without Judgment. An angry teenager who’s allowed to express themselves will feel less pressure and build up less anxiety.

3. Gain Wisdom & Understanding of what is going on in their world. Pay close attention to the changes in their lives.

4. Show Respect with Your Actions. It’s important to deal with a teenager showing them respect as the individual they are trying to become.

What do you think is the best way to handle tantrums?

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