Tips for Empty Nesters

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tips courtesy of Stacy Kaiser

As parents, we have to remember we were people first. Before we had kids, we all had lives and we can create lives again that include them, even though they’re no longer at home.

Make a dream list
This is the most important thing you can do, and Sue you just touched on this. The party planning venture you mentioned wanting to try is a perfect example of this. I tell people to write down and think about everything they’ve always wanted to try, accomplish or get better at. Then check off items on that list.

Get to know your spouse in a new way
Create new activities together doing things you both enjoy – dates, redecorating the house, taking a class or starting a hobby together.

Reconnect with your child/children who have left
Arrange a yearly trip, Skype with the kids or become Facebook friends. Also, send them care packages of favorite foods, magazines, tickets to activities where they live.

Why is it so hard to see children leave home?

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