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Tips courtesy of Audra Fordin

First, it’s important to change/check your car’s oil because it’s the lifeline of the engine. If it’s not clean the engine works harder and wastes gas.

1. Open hood with latch always located on the left side of the driver’s seat.
2. Make sure you take your keys out of ignition when opening the hood.
3. Check oil when car is off and cooled.
4. Use dipstick and a rag. Clean oil is a golden color.
5. If the oil looks darker, like chocolate syrup, it needs to be changed. Make sure you also check the line to see if you need to fill more oil in your engine.

Everyone should know how to properly jumpstart their car especially with the winter months approaching.
1. Everyone should have a set of jumper cables in their trunk.
2. Open the hood and locate the red (+) terminal port.
3. Then locate the red (+) terminal port of another car or a battery pack and hook up.
4. Then hook up the black (-) terminal port of the dead car to the (-) terminal port of the live car/battery.
5. Turn on ignition of dead car and the car should start.
6. Carefully remove the jumper cables, not letting them touch the other engine parts or each other and put them away.
7. Drive your car for at least 20 minutes to recharge the battery and then go to the shop to have the charging system checked.

How to change a tire

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What are some other things you would like to know about cars?

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